Please click here for 'The Healing Power of Movement' article published Inside Out IAHIP Journal 6 (Irish Association of Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy) 2014

 Please click here for "The Healing Power of Movement in Therapy' article published Informer Magazine  (shorter article on use of movement in therapy) 2014

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'Carol is a wonderful gifted teacher who brings warmth and joy to her classes. Since I have been attending her sessions, I have experienced a sense of freedom and happiness I never thought possible. Movement meditation is a wonderful practice which can free the mind from endless worry and anxiety and allow the body to come alive. Regular practice can initiate the process of transformation.  And it's great fun too'

Catherine, Dublin


'Carol holds a beautiful, gentle and grounded space where it feels safe to land, to find my bearings and to explore. I find that her invitations are spacious with room for possibility and at the same time sure and affirming, so there is always space and a pace at which I feel comfortable. I find that I feel more alive in my body after Carol's class, more grounded and with a greater sense of aliveness and awareness. Carol teaches with integrity, honesty and heart. ' 

 S.C. Dublin


'Carol is a gifted and dedicated movement meditation facilitator. She blends her skills and insight as a therapist to create a safe and sacred space to express, explore and release through the body. I have personally had many breakthroughs with Carols guidance and can highly recommend her.'

 Karen, Dublin


'Carol has been a tremendous support to me along my journey of embodied movement practice in recent years. She is quietly consistent and I have found her to be so gentle and compassionate when that is what I most needed. It has been so much easier to trust and 'let go' to my process with her supportive presence nearby and I will always be grateful for that' 

 Liz, Creative Arts Therapist



Testimonials below are from participants on a one day workshop for the Helpline Volunteers at Womens Aid, gathered by Deirdre Campbell, Helpline Manager


'I really enjoyed the day and found Carol very good at creating a relaxed atmosphere. I was a little self-conscious for the first ten minutes or so, but after that I almost forgot there were other people in the room.'

'It wasn't what I expected, but I found it very effective and it made me realize that I need to become more aware of my tension levels.'

'The time flew and I felt very calm'

'Although I found it challenging to move to music with other younger, fitter women in the room, it was good exercise and the teacher emphasized that we should forget about what everyone else was doing and move in our own ways. It was interesting and well handled and I am glad I went'