I have always been fascinated by what is happening under the surface of our lives and what it is that gives us a sense of freedom, joy and belonging. For many years I travelled and worked in different countries, exploring forms of meditation and healing practices, and questioning how to sustain a sense of connection and presence in my daily life. I wanted it to be more than a theory or something to aspire to, I wanted to feel it, live it, be able to recognize when it was missing and find my way back to it again.

Movement, dance meditation and mindfulness practice gave me this precious gift.  I found that embodied movement and dance as meditation taught me how to observe my mind in an sustainable way, where I could become aware of  thoughts, as well as feelings, emotions, the landscape of my heart, what my fingers, bones and feet are saying in any given moment. It taught me to ground myself, to stay steady and open to life. It showed me ways to practice being kind to myself and compassionate towards others. It showed me worlds so vast and infinite that the constant traveller in me would be kept awake, and even more importantly would learn to relax and trust the process of life, particularly when it wasn't looking like I imagined!

My studies began in the 1990's with training in holistic massage and energy medicine practices which gave me an understanding of the deep connection between the body, mind and spirit.  In 2001 I came across 5 Rhythms practice and was inspired by the freedom to explore who I am through movement, dance and community.  It opened doorways in my heart, body and mind that I had not been able to consider previously. In 2005 I  undertook three years training in Humanistic Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy and in 2007 trained with Andrea Juhan (Founder of Open Floor International)  to practice Movement Therapy.

From 2009 I taught movement and dance meditation classes 'The Moving Body' using the chakra system as a map to support the movers to explore themselves on all levels of human experience. I found that the chakra system ( teachings that came to the west through the practice of Yoga) offered a solid and spacious ground for the groups and individuals I was working with and provided a supportive environment where people could connect deeply into themselves, and move out from there into relationship with others and to life.  In 2015 I undertook additional training to become an Open Floor Movement teacher and am currently a working member of Open Floor International. Open Floor draws on movement resources that are inherent in all human bodies and offers skills and practices that are beneficial to all through the medium of conscious dance and movement meditation.

I teach regular mindful movement and dance meditation classes to both open and closed groups within organizations such as Gateway Mental Health project, Lourdes Day care centre, Rialto Day care centre and have worked with community focused groups such as Simon, Headway and women's groups around the city. I run programs and wellbeing days in corporate settings  and teach mindfulness classes within education and medical settings.

My main focus is on cultivating a sense of curiosity and kindness towards ourselves as we travel into the territory of the body/mind in a safe and supportive environment.  Mindfulness  practice and movement meditation has the potential to bring us into such joy, to feel our way through suffering and disappointment into a reality that can open to the full human experience, with all its dualities and paradoxes. Teaching us to embrace the beauty and the shadows of humanity within ourselves in a nonjudgmental way, and offering us the possibility of staying present and steady in a constantly changing world.



is the practice of awareness of our state in the present moment. It teaches us to become more accepting of how we are thinking, feeling and experiencing ourselves and life in the here and now. Mindfulness draws on the breath and body to focus attention and settle ourselves, and some of the benefits include increased happiness and concentration, the ability to stay centered in ourselves when challenged, improved relationships and enhanced creativity.


The Moving Body

Is a practice that draws on the movement of the body, heart, and mind as gateways into the present moment. 

Movement as meditation opens the doorway to all levels of the human experience, physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. It shows us where we are showing up and where we are absent, where we are comfortable and where we cringe and shy away from parts of our essential nature. It provides us with a key to the instrument we have been given for this lifetime, inviting us to access to the wisdom & sensitivity of the body, the intelligence of our emotions, our ability to be mindful and to build presence in our lives.

This practice draws upon the intelligence of subtle energy centers and systems in the body (chakras) that are awakened as we move with awareness and intention. The wisdom and teachings of the chakra system came to the west through the practice of yoga, and offers us solid and spacious movement map from which to explore who and how we are,  and to create change from within.


About Open Floor

Open Floor International is a collective of movement teachers and trainers who offer teaching and training in Open Floor movement practice. This embodiment and dance meditation practice invites all of who, and how we are, into the room and invites us to be present and bring it into motion. Through the use of movement resources common to all breath and body in motion practices, it offers us the possibility of shifting from fixed or stuck positions physically, mentally, emotionally, into a more fluid way of being and relating to others and the world around us.

For more information on this powerful and healing movement practice have a look at these two short videos here or go to www.openfloor

If you are new to the world of conscious dance you may be wondering what the fuss is all about. Why would I want to go to a class or a workshop? What's in it for me? This beautiful short film attempts to answer that question.




Movement Therapy focuses on sensitively including the body, as well as thoughts and feelings in a safe therapeutic space. We have a mind and we live in a body, so we can access a fuller picture when we listen to what both have to say. At certain stages in therapy following the flow of the body’s natural physical expression, along with the use of breath and simple movement structures can increase awareness, strengthen the mind/body connection, reduce stress and support a healthy sense of balance and well-being.

The language of the body is movement. It is our first language, our most honest expression and the closest to the truth of who we are and how we relate to ourselves and the world around us. The body speaks through sensations, the physical energy of our feelings and the way we move. Movement therapy uses the body's language to connect with our internal worlds and focuses on supporting the client to stay grounded and present in the body during the process. The insight received during a movement therapy session is deeply rooted in the body, which leads to increased understanding and self-awareness. Movement therapy is used successfully in medical and educational settings, in nursing homes and rehabilitation centres, and can be applied to a wide range of emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual difficulties. 

Please go to www.crimsoncounselling.com for more information on therapy in practice.