How is a 'Move into mindfulness' class structured?

The particular needs of the group, setting and organization are taken into consideration and the structure is adapted accordingly, so it can vary from group to group.

The session usually begins with an outline or theme for the class and some simple awareness exercises to bring attention into the moment. We continue the exploration with breath, body awareness, gentle movement and meditations to practice mindfulness and learn ways to focus attention.


How is a 'Moving body' or Open Floor movement meditation class structured?

We usually begin with a warm up – time to stretch, breathe, move gently, let go of your day, and tune into yourself.

From there we will move deeper into exploration of movement as meditation. There will be an outline of the particular class theme and support throughout the class.

There are no steps to learn or follow, you are invited to connect in with yourself and follow your own momentum. The movement is supported with music and facilitation. Most likely people will be moving at different paces and in their own way, your are encouraged to explore yours, at your own pace and in your own unique way.

What if I get tired, stuck or don't feel like moving?

In any meditation practice it's natural to meet places of exhaustion, distraction or resistance. Experiment with keeping something moving to the music, perhaps a finger or a nod of the head, and usually something will shift. If we can stay with what we are with, it gives it space for it to change into something else.

We all go through periods of self consciousness and insecurity - no matter how long we have been practicing or how much experience we have. Its good to stretch yourself, try something different, stay open to exploring and see what happens. 

How will I feel after a class or workshop?

It's different for everyone depending on how you are and whats going on for you at the time. Most people report feeling lighter, clearer, more present and more relaxed after a class. Many appreciate having taken time for themselves to let go of stress and open up a little more and to be able to carry their practice out into their relationships, work and daily lives.

Why is it recommended to take a series of classes?

Many participants report feeling glad that they committed to a series of classes, as they continued to turn up even when feeling tired or resistant, and were surprised by how quickly everything shifted and how good they felt afterwards. When we continue to turn up to ourselves, however we are in any given moment, we are creating space for radical change and new experiences to happen.

What to wear /bring to class?

Loose, comfortable clothes are good, water to drink and a mat/blanket to stretch on if you wish.

Bring some curiosity and the possibility of surprising yourself!