All events listed here take place in St. Kevins Hall, 46 Bloomfield Ave, Portobello, Dublin 8, unless otherwise stated.

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The Moving Body - Dublin


Classes are returning the week of June 24th as the hall has reopened and we are scheduling for summer now. Please check in here or on our Facebook page for dates.

Weekly Open Floor classes are designed to support us to relax the mind, release the heart and connect with the wisdom of the moving body. Moving solo and in community we have an opportunity to explore how and who we are through movement.

Class usually begins with a freestyle warm up, followed by an outline of the theme and some suggestions or anchors that may be helpful for your dance. Each persons individuality and unique expression is welcome.

Please go to our FAQ page for more information on the class.

A series of classes is recommended to deepen the practice and there is an offer of 6 class pass for €80 

Drop-Ins are welcome. If its your first time coming along please call or text 086 1956331 to check on space. 

€15 / €12 (concession) per class

6 class pass €80 (valid for 4 months)

Solstice Snake dance.jpg

Summer Solstice Snake Dance

Saturday June 22nd 11am - 1.30pm

Join us on the dance floor for a special open session dedicated to the backbone and the movement of the energetic 'Kundalini' snake.

Supported by Open Floor movement and teachings of the chakra system, we will move solo and with each other, exploring the potency and power of the spine, awakening the senses through movement, releasing restriction and creating space within and around us.

Kundalini energy is the feminine, primal, creative life force that lives inside every one of us and can be called upon for healing, to release blockages and encourage the free flow of our creativity and expression.

We are delighted to have the wonderful Sinead O Brien with us on the day. Sinead will offer a live set of original medicine songs, hypnotic guitar and soulful drumming for us to move to.

€25 / €20 (concession students, elders, low income)

Bookings: or contact 086 1956331

All are welcome, no experience necessary

Serpent Bridge day July 20th.jpg

The Serpent Bridge

An Open Floor one day workshop

Saturday July 20th 2019

11am - 5pm

In many cultures across the planet the serpent is one of the oldest symbols of creation and feminine power. It represents kundalini energy, the primal creative life force that lives and moves within all human beings irrespective of gender. This energy flows from the core of our being and its movement can liberate us from unhelpful conditioning and limiting patters, while encouraging us to access joy and align with what has truth and meaning for us.

During this day workshop we will move to awaken and connect with this exciting and restorative energy, offering what arises within us into the container of the dance and calling upon it to encourage the free flow of our natural creative expression.

Open Floor movement is an embodiment practice, a healing pathway that is designed to resource and support us to remember the freedom that comes from being our authentic selves in our relationships, our work and our world.

Supported by movement anchors, the intelligence of the chakra system and our innate capacity for curiosity and connection we will journey from the roots of our humanity to the expanse of our spiritual nature, inviting presence, breath, heart and spirit into the moment and including what emerges with as much compassion and attention as possible.

This workshop is open to all and no previous experience of conscious dance or moving mediation is necessary.

€70 / €60 (booked by July 6th)

Union pauls edit 2.jpg


An Open Floor committed Ongoing Group

September 2019 to January 2020

‘As we journey from the womb of the sea with our gaze of longing fixed upon the stars, we have stopped off on this earth of a short spell of belonging ‘ Pat O’ Donoghue

As human beings we live in a world of polarity and we long for union. In our daily lives we are constantly moving in-between poles; inner and outer, masculine and feminine, light and darkness, seeking balance within and around us. Our sexual energy is the rhythmic dance that balances, restores and heals the life force energy moving through us. It flows from the core of our being, offering a pathway to unify the opposing forces within ourselves and create a sense of wholeness, joy and belonging in our lives.

Modern culture moves many of us out of right relationship with our physical bodies, with our sensuality and our sexuality as a sacred, natural and healing force. We are frequently pressured to be more or to be other than we really are. This causes stress and shame, blocking the possibility of real intimacy with ourselves and each other.

Beginning on the Autumn Equinox and carrying us through winter, this three module ongoing group is an invitation to gather together, to move, rest and sit in circle as we engage with the current of our creative and sexual life force. Journeying from the roots of our humanity to the crown of our spiritual nature we will explore how we are in relation to the movement of the vital energy through us and its expression in our relationships and in the world.

Supported by the resources of Open Floor movement, teachings from the chakra system and the commitment of on ongoing circle we will cultivate an attitude of curiosity and compassion as we offer what arises into motion. In the dance we meet the intelligence of the life force moving through us. We practice listening to it and following what unfolds. This expands our capacity for presence and opens doorways to our essential self, encouraging us to remember and align with what matters most to us. From there we can make a choice for embodied living where we are resourced enough to express the full range of our passion and creativity and be here now, in all our beauty.

Module 1 Sept 20th-22nd 2019. Presence and Power

Module 2 Nov 15th - 17th 2019. Love and Intimacy

Module 3 Jan 17th-19th 2020. Union

Friday 7pm - 9.15pm

Saturday 11am - 5pm

Sunday 11am - 4pm

€550 / €500 (early bird by August 20th). Payment is made in instalments.

Some experience of movement meditation / conscious dance required. Place secured with €75 non refundable deposit.

Bookings to