The Moving Body is a dynamic and restorative practice that blends together elements of Mindfulness, Open Floor Movement Practice and Ecstatic Dance Meditation. All of these practices explore effective and enjoyable ways to release stress, increase vitality and develop a more relaxed and spacious approach to life.

We provide classes & workshops that cultivate new ways to meet life's ups & downs and create wellbeing in our lives. 

Mindfulness practice and Movement Meditation

  • bring awareness to the body and breath
  • calm the mind
  • increase vitality
  • improve concentration
  • build presence

When our attention is in the moment, it possible to experience a greater sense of freedom, clarity and increased confidence. 

Dance Meditation

  • is open to everybody, regardless of age or fitness levels
  • has no steps to learn
  • releases stress, frees up the body and relaxes the mind
  •  encourages a healthy attitude and a steady heart
  • offers creative ways to keep our feet on the ground, our minds awake, open and receptive to life
  • invites each persons unique and individual expression in a supportive and nonjudgmental space

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Or contact us on info@themovingbody.ie