Programs are designed to meet the unique requirements for groups and organisations.

They suit a wide range of environments and prove successful in day care centres, community groups, schools, businesses and hospitals.

The Moving Body &  Open Floor Movement Practice

Both 'The Moving Body' and Open Floor Movement programs are explored through classes, workshops and open sessions. 

The body and breath are always in the present moment, it is our thoughts that are frequently keep us somewhere else, usually in the past or the future. Many of us often think of meditation as something we do sitting still, however, as we practice ways of keeping our attention on the moving body, we train our minds to be here now, to be engaged with the movement, to allow something new and unique to emerge. 

As we offer what arises within us into movement, and use this momentum as fuel for our dance we create spaces where change and transformation become possible. This is an exciting process, our creativity becomes visible and our ability to be inspired increases.  Each persons individual expression is encouraged in the moment and supported with facilitation throughout the session.

Courses currently being run: weekly open class in Portobello Dublin 8, as well as day workshops and morning sessions - please go to the Calendar page for more information 

Course attendees report:

  •  Effective release of stress
  •  Feeling grounded and centered in themselves
  •  Sense of freedom and joy of being able to move in a non judgmental space
  •  Practical and helpful exploration of specific themes
  • Creative inspiration and confidence to express themselves


"Carol is a wonderful gifted teacher who brings warmth and joy to her classes. Since I have been attending her sessions, I have experienced a sense of freedom and happiness I never thought possible. Movement meditation is a wonderful practice which can free the mind from endless worry and anxiety and allow the body to come alive. Regular practise can initiate the process of transformation.  And it's great fun too."

Catherine, Dublin


'Move into Mindfulness'

Our 'Move into Mindfulness' program is designed  for schools, medical settings, corporate HR and wellbeing programs.

This program can be arranged as a 6 week course, a one or two day workshop, or adjusted to meet specific schedule requirements.

Courses are currently being run in Shellybanks Educate Together National School, Ballinteer Community School, Gateway Mental Health Project and Lourdes Day Care Centre.

Previous courses have been run in Headway, The Simon Community, St. James Hospital, Paddy Power, Odins Wood & Rialto Day Care centers, and more.

Course attendees will learn skills such as;

  • stress reduction
  • increased capacity to meet everyday challenges
  • shifting negative & repetitive patterns
  • simple relaxation techniques to calm the mind and body
  • creative ways to connect with themselves and others

Using simple movement structures and mindfulness techniques to align the body and mind, develop resourcefulness and explore creative impulses in a safe and enjoyable environment.


 SOme of the Benefits of mindfulness practice include;

  • Increased ability to be joyful
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Reduction of negative thinking and difficult emotional patterns
  • Deeper relationship with self and others
  • Increased awareness and ability to stay present